ASPCA Meet Your Match Video Watch the “Canine-ality” Dog Video

ASPCA Meet Your Match Video Watch the “Feline-ality” Cat Video

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The best way to adopt the right dog or cat.

Meet Your Match(tm) Every time you adopt a pet from the Halifax Humane Society, you enable us to save the life of another animal in great need, and finding a great companion has never been easier!

By completing this fun Adopter Survey we will gather information about your expectations for your new Cat or Dog which will help us determine which animals might best suit your lifestyle, wants and needs.  When you are finished, you can choose to receive an e-mail invitation to visit the Halifax Humane Society that includes color-coded survey results that will guide you to the Dog or Cat that is your best match.

The survey has no wrong answers, so answer it as honestly and completely as possible.

Curious about Meet Your Match? Check out Dr. Emily Weiss' blog post about the program and this survey.

Take the Dog Adopter Survey
Take the Dog Adopter Survey

Click on the dog image to the left to begin the Dog Adopter Survey.  This survey is based on the Canine-ality™ Adoption Program which helps you find the dog that's right for you.  Our Canine-ality™ Assessment takes the mystery out of the selection process by reliably predicting how an adoptable dog is likely to behave when he or she arrives in your home.  This Meet Your Match® Dog Adopter Survey helps determine which “Canine-alities” best fit you.

Take the Cat Adopter Survey
Take the Cat Adopter Survey

Click on the cat image to the left to begin the Cat Adopter Survey.  It's based on the Feline-ality™ Adoption Program which is built on the Feline-ality™ Assessment that reliably predicts how an individual cat we have for adoption is likely to behave when he or she arrives at your home.  In addition, this Meet Your Match® Cat Adopter Survey identifies your preferences, expectations, and lifestyle so that you can look for a new pet cat with “Feline-alities” known to be a good fit for your household.

The Halifax Humane Society exists to protect animals from cruel, neglectful and exploitative treatment.

We are an open-door animal shelter that receives over 15,000 animals annually through city contracts and owner surrenders.

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